top 5 Bad pick up lines for girls to impress them in first meeting

Bad pick up lines for girlsDo pick up lines work really? Are there the things that you can say to attract the attention and get her to fall for you quickly? Is there anyone you’re really dying to meet, but you are looking for the right sentence to start the conversation?

Most of the guys have a repertoire of the quick sayings that be used properly to get the attention of the girls. It is no surprise that the girls have some own pickup lines that they really love to hear.

Here is the way to use the right pick up lines for girls

Before you go out searching for guys to test your pickup lines, you need to be prepared. Here are some exciting ways to make sure that you are ready.

Look your best

Imagine first the look on the face of your guy when he sees you, dressed to impress, picking up on him. Later, she will surely tell her friends about the hot chick boy who attracted her.

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Smell good

Using interesting pickup lines means you are going to be quite close to the person of your interest, so make sure that you will smell great. Don’t overdo it with your favorite perfume but use just enough to be intriguing really.

 Practice Your Pickup lines

Pick up lines for the hot girls are most effective and fruitful if they practiced them first. You don’t need to stumble as you are delivering your pickup since you only have one chance to make a first impression. Bad pick up lines for girls can ruin everything.

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Some bad pickup lines for girls that every man should avoid

  1. You must be very tired because you have been running in my dreams all the night. This is a very common phrase and it sounds very mechanical but not an original thought of the man.
  2. Hey babe! What up? See it is your lucky day because I picked you out from all the girls here. It may present the boy as an arrogant person.
  3. May I have your phone number? I seem to have lost mine. There must be a risk if you just met the girl and it sounds like you are a copycat.
  4. Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk through the past again? Avoid these types of cocky and boring lines if you really want to follow the right rule of a guy picking up girl with only one good phrase.



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