How to Pick Up College Girls

How to Pick Up College GirlsCollege girls are hot which is why men want to know how to pick up girls in college. They know how to have a good time, are young, beautiful and there’s the bonus of them having the ability to engage in intellectual conversation. They are getting an education after all, but enough about them. Instead, let’s talk about how to pick them up. Once you master this skill, you will absolutely love your dating life. That’s the college girl effect!

Pick Up Lines to Use on College Girls

One way to pick up college girls is using pick up lines. They tend to have good senses of humor and are lighthearted, so lines are likely to work. Better yet, they like to engage in a little back and forth banter with the men they like. Below are three to try:

  • I didn’t know angels could go to college.

This one is super cute and a touch flirty. If you didn’t already know, college girls are easily flattered and this one will make them smile. You say the pick up line, she smiles, you follow it up by introducing yourself and before you know it, you have her number and are arranging a date for Friday night.

  • Summer must be over because I can tell you’re about to Fall for me.

Go with this pick up line when you’re going for a laugh that will lead to conversation. Such lines usually work on college girls because it is silly, playful and gives a peek at your personality. It takes some confidence to use such a line and when delivered right, it shows.

  • You’re really gorgeous but I’m sure you have a boyfriend, so I’ll leave you alone.

Nicely complimenting a girl and then pretending like you’re going to retreat will compel her to reach out to you as a result. If she’s single, she will say something like, “You don’t have to go” and then you have your chance to impress her. On top of that, you’ll come off as a decent guy.           how to pick them up

Other Ways to Pick Up College Girls

If pick up lines aren’t your thing, there are other approaches to take to pick up college girls. The best way is in a social setting. First, you want variety on your side so consider visiting a bar or club near campus or attend a college party if you can score an invite.

Then, ask a few of your single friends to go with you. College girls put a lot of emphasis on social value and coming with a group of friends will increase yours. This also evens the playing field because she’ll probably be with a small group of friends as well. As you know, approaching a girl alone when she is with friends is 10x harder than when you have a few buddies around.

When you and your friends arrive, start having fun. Grab a drink and make the rounds. As you do, scan the room for girls that stand out. After identifying a few prospects, regroup with your friends and make your approach. They can wing for you and you for them as a girl’s group and your groups start talking. As soon as everyone seems to be having a good time, pull the girl you’re interested in aside. Chat her up, flirt, make your interest known and suggest you go somewhere more private. Base your invitation on your goal. If you want to hook up, either ask if she wants to head back to your place or sneak away someplace nearby. As for those looking for a more serious relationship, ask her out on a date and exchange numbers.

pick up college girls

It’s as easy as that. Just make sure you limit yourself to two drinks, so you don’t get sloppy. No one wants to the be the sloppy drunk guy picking up girls – well, attempting to. Any quality girl will want a man who keeps himself under control. Also keep in mind that you can attempt this approach solo as well, especially if you’re feeling confident.

And that is how to pick up girls in college. Pretty simple, huh? Whatever approach you choose, be confident, be yourself, relax, have a good time and be direct. Otherwise, how will a girl know what you want?



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