Profile photo tips: how to up your hookup game on a free dating site

How to select winning profile photos on a free dating app

If you’re thinking of using a free dating up with a casual hookup in mind, uploading a set of winning photos will help you up your dating game. There are plenty of weird trends on dating sites where profile pictures are concerned, and it’s no wonder they repel women. However, guys keep using cartoon filters, bathroom selfies, shirtless workout snaps and even duckface photos no matter what.

But the thing is, there is no second chance to make a first impression, and before you know it, you’re already swiped left. To avoid continuous rejections on a free dating app, make sure you make better choices selecting profile pictures to impress your potential match. Here are a few recommendations on how to go about thing.

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Photos with a genuine smile get better response

Most guys on dating site prefer looking serious and “seductive”, but the truth is, women are most attracted by a real, genuine smile. Look through your photo archives, and you’re likely to find this kind of photos. Use them without hesitation.

This kind of smile radiates true happiness, and this is exactly what most of members look for on a dating app. everyone wants to be happy. If you look happy, you can share this happiness with your potential partner, no matter whether it’s all about an instant hookup or a long term romantic relationship.

Looking sad, miserable or depressed won’t do – no one is going to solve your problems for you. A woman is not there to fill the gaps in your life. She is there to share what you have to offer and contribute something to your life in return.

Poor quality photos are a big turn-off

In this day and age, uploading blurry, unclear photos on you dating profile won’t do. Present day technologies allow one to take great pictures with very nominal effort. If you can’t be bothered, you’re not actually serious about finding someone special on a dating site.

Why would one want to hook up with you if they can’t even make out what you look like in your photos? If you’re really incapable of taking a good picture of yourself, whether it’s with a DSLR camera, your smartphone or your laptops webcam, perhaps you’d like to ask your friend or family member to help you out.

Better still, go to a professional studio for a nice photo session. When you have one casual hookup after another, you’ll thank us for giving you this advice.

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Pictures should demonstrate different aspects of your personality

A standard free dating app allows its members to upload up to eight profile pictures, and it’s highly recommended to upload as many photos as you can. If there is a chance to show off with eight gorgeous snaps, why should you put up only one or two?

Make sure though that your profile pictures demonstrate various aspects of your personality. What we’re trying to say, uploading four of five pictures of you looking at the computer screen is not a good idea. Go through your photo archives and select photos of you doing various things: cycling, playing tennis, harvesting tomatoes, playing the guitar, horse riding, and so on.

Each photo should be a demonstration of how interesting your life is and what a versatile person you are. Girls are likely to have a hookup with a guy like this rather than with a boring fellow who can’t even upload a few pictures on a dating app.

Avoid putting up old photos

The thing about dating sites, we try to create a better image of ourselves in order to attract potential matches. And while there is nothing wrong about this approach, it’s important to walk the middle path and be honest about who you are. If you upload photos of your ten or even five years ago, it gives a person a false impression about you.

As a result, instead of a great hookup you’ll be left with no self esteem or even a broken heart. If you feel you’re particularly attractive on that old photo, you can send it to a woman when you start exchanging messages.

Don’t forget to specify that it was taken ten years ago though. And if you think that you haven’t change a bit, what’s the problem with taking a new set of photos? Just keep clicking until you get a satisfying picture – with modern technologies it’s not an issue. Within minutes you’ll have a few hundred pictures, and one or two photos out of these hundreds are bound to be good.

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Don’t use pictures of celebrities or your pets

Even if you’re very fond of young Arnold Schwarzenegger and find him an epitome of attractiveness from a man’s point of view, uploading his picture on your free dating app profile will not do any good. A woman is not likely to respond to a guy who hides behind a photo of another man. If you hope to have an easy hookup on a dating app, you should radiate confidence, not insecurities.

As for pets, if you like them so much, you’d better take a picture with them, but not of them. A woman is not likely to have anything to do with a cat or a parrot on a dating site. It’s alright to demonstrate you love for animals – women appreciate men who are capable of taking care of living things, but eventually they want to see your face, not your favourite Siberian husky’s, no matter how attractive he might be!

Try to look as stylish and elegant as possible

Even if you’re one of those guys who hate dressing up, you’ll have to make an effort in order to look presentable on your dating profile photo. It doesn’t mean you’re supposed to wear a formal suit with a rose in a buttonhole, but wearing a nice and stylish outfit is a must if you have a casual hookup in mind.

Avoid wrinkled t-shits, tattered shoes and old looking shorts or jeans. Even if you think it’s unimportant, women do pay attention to these things. In fact, they notice every single detail when it comes to dating a guy. They will look at your shoes and make judgements about your personality.

That’s why it’s highly recommended to make a special effort when dressing up for a profile picture on a free dating app. A light coloured shirt with a pair of stylish trousers will do perfectly well. Alternatively you can go for a long-sleeved t-shirt and jeans. Whatever you choose, make sure your outfit is clean, neat and carefully ironed. A good shave and stylish haircut is a must, too.

Avoid pictures with sunglasses, hats or helmets

It’s rather irritating to see a photo of a person wearing sunglasses on a dating site, because it actually doesn’t serve any purpose. It the same as not posting any picture at all, but even worse. You’re showing a photo, but at the same time a person can’t make out anything from this photo. Your face is neither visible no recognizable. So in all probability you’ll be swiped left. Even if you’re a passionate biker or beach enthusiast, it’s recommended to hold your helmet or sunglasses in your hand when taking a photo for a dating app profile. You wouldn’t find it acceptable if a woman covered half of her face in hr profile, right?

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Pictures of you practising sports are likely to attract more attention

According to statistics, pictures of men practising sports are extremely successful on dating site. So if you have a picture of you playing tennis, football or cricket, upload them by all means. Photos of you jogging in the park will do, too. If you choose to upload pictures of you working out in a local gym, make sure they are not shirtless – it’s better to avoid clichés.

Artistic photos are highly appreciated

If you will like stepping out of the box when taking photos to upload on a free dating site, there is no reason why you shouldn’t do so. Unleash your genius and let your creative juices flow. Black and white photos, for example, are rather successful among the female members of various dating sites. Don’t overdo with Photoshop, Lightroom or other photo editors though – there should be something left from the original picture.

Make sure there is at least one full-body snap among your photos

A picture of you where a girl can get a great view of your entire body is likely to double your response rate on a free dating app. Having a close up of your face is important, but don’t underestimate the effect of a full-body image. You like to see a woman’s body type based upon her profile photo, and so does she.

Pictures with other people are a big no-no

Needless to say, uploading group photos on a dating site is ridiculous. A girl is not going to have a hookup with all those people in the picture. And how is she supposed to make out which person is you? and what if she actually likes your best friend more than you and will ask you for his phone number?

To avoid this sort of situations, make sure you’re the only person in the photo. If you look particularly handsome and a group picture and it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to take a new photo of yourself looking as good, try to cut yourself out.

What is even more ridiculous is uploading a photo of you with your ex. Yes, you’ve heard us right, there are guys who actually do such things on a free dating app. It’s hard to say what motivates them. Perhaps they want to show off about how good looking their ex girlfriend was. Or they try to prove that they are good enough to have a girlfriend in the first place.

Or perhaps they like how they look on those photos and don’t find it strange to upload them. But whatever it is, don’t be one of these guys if you want your online dating experience to be a wonderful success.

These are just a few tips to make use of when uploading photos on a free dating app in order to up you hookup game. All the best!


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