The Best Pickup Lines for Women That Will Help You Get the Next Girlfriend

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The Best Pickup Lines for Women That Will Help You Get the Next Girlfriend

A pick up line or chat-up line is simply a brief conversation starter with the express purpose of engaging an individual for dating or romance. More often than not, it is used by women as a way to get a man to ask them out. Often times it’s used as a precursor to flirting with him. It teases him enough to make him feel intrigued, but then leaves him hanging for a reply.

In fact, many women use cheesy pick-up lines and dialogue like “I can take a guy home tonight” in order to seduce a man. On the other hand, men rarely use cheesy pick-up lines. They’re usually too self-centered and self-deprecating to allow any sentimentality. So what’s the best funny pick up lines for men? Here are some suggestions:

Every time you see the splash in the mirror, you should stop and stare. Every time you meet a cute girl at the club, you should stop and get that splash checked. Every time you go to the grocery store, you should fill out your basket with all the things you think she might like. These lines would look awkward if you didn’t do them every time you encounter someone who catches your gaze.

“What is the happiest place on earth?” – Brad Pitt. “What’s the most important thing to remember?” – Barack Obama. You get the idea.

“You look like someone else.” – David Beckham. “You remind me of someone else.” – Wayne Newton. “I’m not really good looking.”

If you want to know the best pick up lines for men, then you have to start doing them, whether in a public setting or with the girls you’re trying to attract. Why? Because they work! They actually work even better when you combine them with other methods of attraction. For instance, you can use other pickup lines with women to turn them on when you’re with them. When you’re walking them to the car, having a cup of coffee and telling them about your favorite book, you increase your chances of getting them inside.

One of the best pickup lines for men is to give them the opportunity to control the environment. If you’re using the classic pick up lines “I just want to be friends,” then you can tell her that you’re interested in more than just physical attraction. Say something like, “You seem like a really great person, I’d like to spend the rest of the night just hanging out with you.” The key here is that she’s with you, so don’t pretend that she’s not going to know you’re interested in her. She’ll realize that the more she hangs out with you, the more attracted she will become.

If you keep this in mind, then you should start to come across as an exciting guy who’s fun to hang out with. Even if you don’t realize it at first, she will. This creates an environment where you can get to know each other better and have much more success with getting to know someone else. Be yourself and don’t act desperate. This is one of the best pick up lines for men.

When you do pick up your lines and you’re talking with someone, smile often. A lot of guys think that a big smile means they’re doing something right. But a big frown and eyes closed are really telling the girl that you don’t care about her feelings. She wants someone who’s interested in her as a friend and not someone who’s going to try and make her go through an emotional roller coaster. Start to smile more and say hello to everyone you encounter. Even though it’s unlikely you will ever meet anyone you want to actually talk to, you will feel more at ease when you walk into a room and see that everyone is greeting each other.

Pay attention to your body language and listen to the tone of your voice. Women are very sensitive to how you are speaking and what your body language says. Pay attention to how you are speaking to someone else and use your body language to let them know that you’re interested in them. This is one of the best pick up lines for women that will help you gain the interest of another person.

Try not to use the same pick up lines for every situation. You might have the same lines for a certain person but not for another. It’s very important to be dynamic when picking up women. Don’t rely on a one-two-three punch line that you have memorized from somewhere. Ask questions and make statements, not just pickup lines. As long as you use dynamic pick up lines to say hello and look like you’re interested in them, you will have no trouble getting the results you want from the next girlfriend.