The Guide to Picking Up Girls

Top 3 Pick Up LinesPicking up girls is a part of life as a heterosexual male. It takes work, but the thrill of the chase combined with the rewards that follow make it all worthwhile. That being said, not everyone is good at it. Although there are several approaches to take, many have not mastered the art of picking women up. Well luckily for you, you’re in the right place. In addition to going over a few good pick up lines as well as why they work, this guide will include tips on how to pick up girls anywhere as well as a mini guide that focuses all on bar game. Ready?

Top 3 Pick Up Lines

  • What is an attractive, intelligent man like me doing without your number?

This smooth pickup line is also funny. A little humor can decide if you get her number or not. When you use this one, make sure you smile at her.

  • You are incredibly beautiful but that’s the least interesting thing about you.

This tells a woman that you think she’s gorgeous, but it isn’t all about looks for you. A man that looks past aesthetics is one that women want to say yes to.

  • Reach out your hand and ask, “Do you mind holding this while I go take a stroll?”

This is one of the good pick up lines to try when you’re feeling bold and want a woman to leave with you right away.  Deliver this one with a lot of confidence to increase your chance of success.

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Tips to Pick Up Girls Anywhere

Maintain Eye Contact

Eye contact shows honesty, transparency and helps build a connection. Furthermore, amazing things happen when two people look into each other’s eyes. Oftentimes, chemistry is ignited, flirting ensues, and a man’s invitation is accepted.

Be Confident

Confidence is everything. To come off as a confident guy, stand up straight with your shoulders back, avoid fidgeting, keep your head up rather than looking at your shoes despite your nerves and don’t stumble over your words. Women find nothing sexier than a confident man.

Be Direct

When you want to invite a girl out just do it and ask clearly so there isn’t any confusion. Many guys get turned down because they beat around the bush so much that women aren’t sure what they want.

Use Humor

Women are looking for men who make them laugh. Do that successfully and you have instantly increased your chances of picking her up.

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How to Pick Up Girls at the Bar

When it comes to picking girls up at the bar, you must go in with a plan. The goal is both looking like and convincing women that you are a guy worth their time. Here’s how to do it.

First, find your place at the bar. You want to position yourself in a high traffic area since that is where all the women will be. A large part of picking a girl up at the bar is opportunity and the more people present, the more opportunities you’ll have to start conversations. Also, if you aren’t having luck in one area, be ready to move around and try another.

Pick Up Girls at the Bar
Pick Up Girls at the Bar

Once you find your place at the bar, aim to catch some eyes. The sooner women notice you, the better. To do that, high five a few male strangers and clink glasses with a few. This little trick is all about energy and boosting your social value. Not many guys will turn down the friendly gesture and you’ll look like the guy at the bar that everyone knows. As a result, you’ll pique women’s interest and they’ll want to get to know you too.

Then, start approaching. When you do, remain confident and whatever happens, don’t let your confidence falter. To do that, don’t hang around her and wait for your chance to make a move. Instead, go for it right away. Approach her, introduce yourself and then proceed to chat her up. As for how to chat her up, start with something light and playful. As soon as you have her attention, just let the conversation flow before sealing the deal. Either ask her for her number, ask her out on a date or whatever else you had in mind.

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