The Last Episode of Girls – The Search Party

The first episode of the new female spin-off of Girls, Not Your Father’s Daughter, received rave reviews from critics and fans. The pilot featured a central romantic role for actress Tulip Lauer, whose previous television work included appearing in Law & Order and Swing Vote. The character was inspired by the true story of super model Ashlee Simpson, who felt trapped by her dad’s career. In this new series, Lauer’s character is inspired by the real life wife of Simpson’s, played by actress childcare provider, played by sparks newcomer Rosa Salazar.


The first episode focused on the simmering conflict between the family of a rich boy and a single girl, played by Ms. Dunham. Both of these first impressions were quite understandable but, once Girls approaches its final and seventh season, it seems that neither was necessarily right. Instead, Girls has managed to be the unexpected, surprising and in some ways, more impactful TV show. In this new incarnation, female ensemble dramas have always strived to cater to universal appeal through their ongoing stories about teenage girls. In this case, the story is about the trials and tribulations that all teenage girls go through in their lives – something that has always been a part of the show but has never been tackled in a narrative way before.

In the final season of the popular comedy series, Ms. Dunham plays the role of Kermit, a socially inept character who works at the zoo with his friend, Stanna. The two become close friends and spend much of their free time hanging out at the zoo. The relationship between the two characters eventually blossoms into something more than friendship; it blossoms into a romance that reaches the emotional climax of the show during the final moments of the fourth season. It marks a turning point in the show, as the characters go from spending a large majority of their time as friends to spending almost all of their free time as lovers.

This shift comes about as a result of the arrival of two new additions to the group, namely Koolhaas and Horvath. These two girls come from entirely different worlds, and in keeping with the times, they set about redefining the rules of their new Manhattan City apartment block, called the “broad city”. While spending most of their free time together, they quickly find themselves in conflict with each other over the ownership of a large number of apartment units. As the conflict brews, their relationship grows even closer, to the point where it can no longer be avoided.

In the final season of Girls, a new addition to the ensemble, referred to as “Koolhaas”, arrives in town. A 20-year-old college student obsessed with social media culture, Koolhaas starts an intense online campaign to get girls to like him. After months of using his influence to get girls to like him, he decides to try and win the affections of a much older woman, named Horvath. The two quickly become soul mates, and the entire demographic of the show are transformed.

The entire premise of the show hinges around these two very unique friends and how their relationship blossoms. However, the final season of Girls completely transforms the show into a much more mature and dramatic drama. There is far less comedy, and far more emotional drama involving these two characters. In particular, the introduction of Kate Walsh as the character of Kate Bracken brings a welcome change from the lighthearted characters of the past seasons. Kate Bracken’s Kate starts out as a high school girl from a small town in Minnesota, and the final season focuses on her determination to get a chance for stardom in New York City.

In addition to Kate, the final episode also includes the return of another major presence from the show: Michael Chiklis. He reprises his role as Hannah’s best friend, Eric. While Eric was basically non-speaking in previous episodes, he does make quite an appearance this time, speaking with his brother Damon about the search party. Though not specifically related to the Brackens, Damon also has a new love interest in the form of Alexi Gavrilov. The two act awkwardly together for most of the episode, and it looks like the two could be getting closer. If this relationship develops, it will only be good news for fans of the show.

The final episode of the first season of Girls features many familiar faces from the show, including Alexi Gavrilov, Kate Walsh, Kate Audiences, Michael Chiklis, and Michael Showalter. No doubt, all of these actors are happy to see the show ending. The final season of Girls offers fans a happy ending for the romantic comedy genre that has run for three seasons now. The fact that the show ended on a high note is a relief for those who have been watching the show through the low points. With the addition of Kate Gaines, everyone should have a reason to say goodbye to their favorite shows of the season.