Top 3 travel apps to meet Slovakian women

Slovakia is a popular destination for traveling in Europe – its spectacular mountains, great skiing resorts and, of course, beautiful Slovakian women attract people from many countries. If you are planning to travel to Slovakia and do not want to stay alone there, you can use one of the top dating apps and make your holiday more pleasant with a Slovakian lady by your side.

Zoosk for dating Slovakian ladies

Zoosk is both an online site and a dating app for mobiles and it has millions of profiles already being used. It is supported in 25 languages. Zoosk is comfortable and easy to use while traveling to Slovakia and other countries because it can offer lots of profiles in almost every destination.zoosk dating app

Key features of Zoosk:

  • Simple profile filling. Zoosk does not make you fill the questionnaires – it just takes information from your Facebook or Google profile and puts it in the correct places. You save time and energy.
  • Behavior analysis. It even does not ask you to tell who you may like or dislike – it takes into account who you are messaging, winking at and paying attention so it builds the general portrait of your perfect match by itself.
  • Profiles here are automatically verified by social network accounts after registration. It helps you to be sure that you get in touch with a real lady and you have all the chances to meet her.
  • Intuitive design and modern features. Zoosk is simple to use and all the functions are clear.
  • If you want to find your perfect lady faster, you can use “Boost” function – your profile will be displayed front and centre for all members in your area. It is a paid function but it works great for those who feel too lonely.

Zoosk demands from its users to pay a membership price. Having a basic account, you can only browse through profiles and like them. That’s all. If you want to write and read messages and use other functions, you should make a payment for that. From the other side, users who paid for membership show more serious attitude to their search and tend to look more trustworthy then.

Brilic for dating Slovakian ladies

Brilic is an app gaining more and more popularity now. It is available to download both on App Store and Google Play, and it works worldwide. A member can find Slovakian ladies there, chat, send virtual gifts and set a real date – the main goal of a romantic traveler. Here you can find bright and attractive photos of good quality showing Slovakian girls from their best sides.

brilic dating app

Why to choose Brilic as a travel app?

  • It is an international app and, unlike many other dating apps nowadays, it is not strongly connected with the place you are. It is an international app and your location is not the main thing when you are doing your search. So you can find a nice Slovakian lady and set a date with her no matter where you are – in your home town or in Slovakia.
  • Brilic does not do the search for you and does not make decisions instead of you. When you want to find someone to chat and invite to a date, you set your own criteria and choose a lady you really like. Sometimes we can miss someone really nice among the matches automatically chosen for us.
  • Brilic verifies the users and checks their seriousness in relation to the search of a partner. While it is available to look for any kind of international, interracial and even same sex relationship, Brilic is oriented to serious relationship between the members.
  • Intuitive interface and simple but stylish design will be an additional pleasure during your search.

You get 3 days of free use after you sign up to this app. You can test all the functions you need and get new friends during this time. Being really interested in using it more, you can continue with some payment depending on your wishes and plans for dating.


Having a sweet hint in its name, eDarling, a dating site as well as an app, is popular in Europe and helps lots of people to find matches in other countries. It is more oriented to the audience of 30+ and the goals of its members are more serious than just chatting.


Key features of eDarling:

  • It is one of the most popular dating site in Europe so you are offered lots of profiles of Slovakian ladies free to talk and date.
  • The rules of the app make users to fill in the answers to many questions about your personality, preferences and the type of person you are looking for but all this cuts away the members who are not interested in presence on site seriously. So doing your search you mostly interact with ladies who are not going to waste your, and their own, time.
  • Every day you are offered a number of matches chosen for you by your preferences and psychological portrait.

You can use free or paid membership on eDarling and the number of matches you get daily and amount of options available to you will be different then. Anyway, eDarling gives you a wide choice of free Slovakian ladies with serious views on dating, and user-friendly interface easy to do the search.

The app is available to download on App Store and Google Play. Enjoy your search!

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