Ways to pick up girls from first successful date

Ways to pick up girls
Ways to pick up girls

Do you want to learn some first date tips that you can use to impress your partner? Then you might be in the right place. There you will find a ton of tips for your first successful date.

Plan your date properly

Make a concrete plan where and when you will fix your date program. Try to find out a conducive and comfortable place for conversation or first meeting. Movie dates are quite a popular idea but you can try something else to apply your own trick of how to pick up girls. You can choose an interactive date for the first time where you can share your choices, thoughts and life stories to each other. If you have found some common factors that you both like, it will be easier to impress your girl.

Don’t flaunt your money

Some women find the men with money quite attractive but not all the girls. Don’t flaunt your money to impress a girl and show off too much. Just is what you are and try to impress her with simple but small things. Having money is surely a plus but on your first date with women avoid taking only about how much money you have.

Try to talk about her hobbies and her friends. Avoid big detailing about your life story though girls have very little patience. Most of the cases the first impression is the final impression, so boys need to be very careful about the first date; this is the first chance for you to get success in your way of how to pick up girls. Present yourself as a funny and interesting guy from the first day and make your way of friendship smooth.

how to pick up girls
how to pick up girls

Easy tips

  • Don’t try to be physical. It is just your first date, so keep patience and don’t try to come close to her.
  • Be on time. Girls don’t love to wait long. Reach on your dating venue before the girl and if she is late fashionably, graciously handle the situation.
  • For your first date tips, you don’t need to wear a suit or tie but a clean casual dress in which you look smart and confident.
  • Smiling is attractive and contagious. This is most important for a first date. Make sure that you are smiling when you see your first date. Present yourself as a person with good sense of humor.first date tips


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