Writing a Book – Girls Like Books by David Patterson

An ambitious young writer and her three closest friends, all in their mid-20s, have just lived for two years in New York City. They are not yet sure who they really want, or what they even want in life, and the view is not getting any clearer. Hannah feels that she has what it takes to be an effective writer, but she still needs a boyfriend, some direction, and some real work done. Jessa is also an aspiring writer, but she is too scared of getting one to date.

The foursome in “The Social Network” live a few blocks from each other in Manhattan, where everyone knows everyone. They all know exactly who each other is, where they live, what jobs they have, and where they go to school. They are in a perfect little world that is slightly different from the rest of the world, a world in which relationships are possible and even encouraged. Except for the fact that most girls like Shoshanna don’t end up in a relationship with anyone. But life is meant to be fun, even if those girls can never quite figure out what that fun thing is.

All foursome met at college, and by the time they graduated they had become true friends. They spent many happy hours riding bikes, building skateboards, debating politics, and generally having a good time. It wasn’t until one Christmas when they decided they were going to start a book club. They didn’t really think that they had talent or anything like that, they just knew they wanted to read more. But their editor thought they had a chance to improve their work if they added a creative writing component to the group.

So they added a little bit of writing to their book club. And it started to go well. Except not well enough. They didn’t get any book reviews. Their editor would get them to send in their book proposal, and then it would get back to them if they liked it. Every time they got a positive response, they would bust out another book.

Eventually they lost all their hope and almost gave up, but then they discovered David Patterson. David was their favorite author, and he loved to write funny books. When they read “The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven,” it was like the girls just fell in love with the writer. They asked him to write an entire novel based on the life of Pat Morley, who had been a football star at the University of Oklahoma. And they got it done!

So David Patterson decides to start another book club, this time, it’s for girls. Instead of asking them to send in a book proposal, he says if they like his book, they will give him ten dollars each month. One month later, the book club has accepted David’s first book, a novel about a young boy who is adopted and whose family wants to get him adopted. Two weeks later, the book has sold out! Amazing!

So what does this mean? Well, as long as you keep sending them your book, David Patterson will keep writing and one day, girls like him. So if you know of someonewho you think could benefit from your writing, write them a letter, telling them you would like to write a children’s book, about something you yourself know and care about, and that you would like to donate any proceeds from the book to charity. You just might make a difference in the world.

Now I know you probably think I have gone bonkers, but I honestly did not think this through. The more I thought about it, the more excited I got. Imagine all those great books that you could give away to children. And all the money you would make from the book sales alone would be enough to pay off your mortgage for a year!